SeniorShare Program of Galveston County, Inc.
2410 25th Ave North, Texas City Texas, 77590
Call 281.389.7590 Help us entertain and honor our Senior Citizens

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Dear Business Leader or Citizen of Galveston County:

Once again, the SeniorShare Program of Galveston County, Inc. is planning its SeniorShare Holiday Gala 2013. The program was undertaken to provide gifts and entertainment for impoverished Senior Citizens in the Galveston County community who otherwise might not celebrate the holdiay season because lack of money or family.
The SeniorShare Program has been successful largely as result of the support of citizens and businesses such as yours. Last year, your generous donations provided food, entertainment and gifts to a record number of Senior Citizens in need. Please help us continue this tradition of sharing.
On behalf of the SeniorShare Program and our business leaders and our citizens, I would like to thank you for your consideration in this matter. Best wishes to you and your family and your employees for a safe and happy holiday season.
Sincerely yours,

Kevin Yackly, Founder
SeniorShare Program of Galveston County, Inc.

2013 Gift Wish List

1 of 50 LCD Televisions (19" or larger)
Laptop Computer
Washer and Dryer (new)
Stove (new)
Regrigerator (new)
Burglar Alarm System Installed with year of prepaid monitoring
Mobile Phones with 1 Year subscription prepaid
Basket of $100.00 in lottery tickets
$50.00 grocery gift cards
Digital Camera
Table Top Convection Oven
$50.00 in Movie Passes
Moody Garden Gift Certificates
Assorted Gift Cards from County Restaurants

Donations accepted in the form of cash, checks or (PayPal coming soon).
Please click here to download the form print, complete and give to Kevin Yackly or mail to:
2410 25th Ave North
Texas City TX 77590



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